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Johnson Family RV Is an Authorized Sealtech Leak Testing Facility

Find or Prevent Water Leaks Before Damage Occurs

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Are you tired of water leaks throwing a damper on your vacation? Worried about how much damage a water leak has caused? Or perhaps you’d like to get ahead of any potential problems before water damage occurs. Then we invite you to schedule an appointment for a Sealtest Leak Test at Johnson Family RV. We are an authorized testing facility for Sealtest and use their Sealtech 430-R machine.

The Sealtech 43O-R makes ingenious use of a very simple fact: air flowing through an opening covered with a soapy water ("surfactant") solution produces a bubble precisely at the opening. The system draws outside air into the RV via the roof vent, where it is dispersed, creating a positive interior pressure. This pressure difference causes air to flow outward through any outer skin faults. The application of a soapy water solution to suspicious areas of the outer skin results in a very visible bubble exactly over each fault. This test is safe and takes approximately 1 hour.

Water leaks and damage are the most common problem with used RV’s and Campers. We recommend testing for all units over 2 years old. If leaks are found we will be glad to discuss repairs with you when we present your test results.

The cost for testing is $115.00. We do ask that you schedule an appointment for the test which you can do by either calling us or by using our Service Request Form on our website.

In the below pictures you will see the Sealtech 430-R in use. We tested a used camper for leaks and have also included pictures that show leaks on the camper. We used a simple soapy solution with a garden sprayer to create the bubbles.

Seal Tech Leak Test
Seal Tech Leak Test
Seal Tech Leak Test
Seal Tech Leak Test
Seal Tech Leak Test
Seal Tech Leak Test

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